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360 VR Panorama

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2-7 days + render

More complex to produce, compared with standard Interior/Exterior Visualisation, because it will require much longer to render.

Static 360 View of space around

Price and time dependent on:
complexity of the scene
amount of information you provide
(if relevant): amount and type of external landscaping (environment) around your scene (forest, gardens, trees, etc.)

1 x Static 360 view of your scene (room, shop, ect.) (VR Panorama)
Suitable for web

offered if few Static 360 Views are ordered for several rooms connected together.

360 Vr Panorama

360 VR Panorama

virtual tour 360 perspective allows the consumer to step directly into a home without actually going anywhere. You can get full interior 360 view which offers an inspiring view of a place and helps make a better-informed buyer.

Virtual tours are pretty common but here at 3DPic Studio, we’re offering something a lot of places aren’t, a 3D panorama view of everywhere from point in your desired location. A 360 tour gives you a full view of everything without having to view multiple imagery or videos.

Who Benefits From a 3D Tour

📈If you are a developer or house builder, you can make few examples of virtual tour 360 view of possible interior, put them on your website and allow potential customers to see how exactly will it look like when it gets done by improving customers experience – increase your sales.

🏙For a business owner, you can get a full 360 view of your place of business to help you make better investment decisions or shake things up in the business, like product placement for example or office redecoration

☑A 360 panorama view offers you a look at things you might not have noticed before and you can really get a scope of the office or before it’s even been built

🏢Investors get a lot of use from 3D tours, because they can get a better idea of what they would be putting some of their investment money into

🏠Home owners can take benefit from a 3D tour as well, if they request one, our team can map out the house they’re looking at buying and give it a nice 3D 360 view


Panoramic view points aren’t only for exterior jobs. A lot of the virtual tour 360 work is actually done on interior projects. All we need is a location and your permission to start producing beautiful panoramic 3D tours for you and anyone who might be interested in a location.

If you need an interior 360 3D mockup or render for your building or location, contact us and we’ll get to work. 360 tours give you an exclusive look into an apartment, a house, a warehouse or any other type of building that you may need a panoramic tour for. No matter what your reason or what the building is, contact us today so we can help you out.