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-individual for every project

-Camera flight above the rendered scene/model.
-Its called Flythrough

-Flythrough above Development or a landscape, also sometimes can be inside Interior

Price and time dependant on:
-complexity of the scene
-amount of information you provide
-(if relevant): amount and type of external landscaping (environment) around your scene (forest, gardens, trees, etc.) or buildings

-1x (…) sec flythrough the room/house/landscape in Video format

-offered for the quantity ordered


The Benefits of a Fly Through

One of the biggest presentations you can give is a 3D city fly through. This is highly effective for people looking to propose or pitch an urban development. You’ll get a flythrough animation that shows you how your new house or development will look in existing surrounding.

3D fly through are also done on a smaller scale for housing projects and real estate projects. A 3D flythrough animation can be done for an apartment complex to see the surrounding environment and showcase where in the city that apartment is located. These fly throughs can also be done to survey a landscape prior to development.

An Exterior Flythrough Render

  • For landscapes or rural development projects, the land can be surveyed to get a better idea of how much allocated space is available for a project and the overall size of an area that’s available for development
  • A 3D architectural fly through can be rendered to give you a good idea of what could be done to help improve the surface of a building or to make additional improvements to a housing project

How A 3D Fly Through is Done

First, a drawings are examined and the entire scale of the zone has to be scoped out. Once the models of the entire house or area are done, the render process begins for the 3D process. This process can take a while and it depends on what you’re looking for.

  • How complex your scene and environment are will greatly determine how long it takes to finish your render
  • All of the information you provide and need to have included in the fly through will also play a big role
  • If you need some external elements added, such as the trees out back, the shrubbery, the gardens or anything else done, this will also add to the total time it takes to render

A 3D fly through is a complicated process and it’s one of the more complicated tasks that are included with 3DPic Studio rendering services. However, the results are astonishing and you get a beautiful realistic visualization of an area, a complex or an environment.


If you need a flythrough render project completed in the United Kingdom, 3DPic Studio can help you to achieve what you’re looking for, as long as you provide us the necessary information on your project. A 3D flythrough is immensely helpful in every scenario to help you get a better understanding of the environment and the landscape.

We offer some of the best quality in the Great Britain area and we have some of the quickest response times to get a full render built. Contact us today to find out if you could benefit from a 3D flythrough.