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How 3D Architecture Has Changed the Landscape of Interior Design in the UK

It doesn’t matter where you live. It could be in a small apartment, you could have your own home or you could even have a large bungalow, the on-going demand for UK architectural visualisation software has helped numerous interior designers and customers live in the home of their dreams without tiresome worn-down methods such as hand-made sketches which can often be inaccurate.

3D design has come a long way. It wasn’t long ago that computers used to only be able to do 2D graphic renders of a living space which was still immensely useful but didn’t give a customer the full scope of an area and what could be done with it.

How 3D Renders Are Helping Clients with DIY Projects

Have you ever tried to do a DIY project where you needed to knock down a wall, add some cabinets, re-do an entire room, put up new drywall, install new trim or any DIY project that requires precise accuracy measurements? Even just a quarter of an inch can result in a messy and unfinished looking product, which you used to have to do by hand.

Thanks to completely 3D renders today though, a client can get a complete vision of their entire living space, including precise measurements. No longer do you have to spend hours taking measurements down and writing down every single wall, corner, floorboard, trim size, etc. These presentations have been immensely helpful in helping a client determine what’s best for their situation and has helped interior designers make rooms look better without second guessing.

What Are the Benefits of 3D Visualisation Software?

  • A complete full-scale 3D render of a living space can give you a better idea of how to accommodate your needs better, whether it’s with furniture, adding a new room or doing some re-modeling
  • With the use of software like Architect Studio 3D, you can get an up-close look at an augmented reality of an apartment or a house. This helps investors get a better idea of what they’re investing into, home owners understand their living space better without blue plans and designers come up with new innovative ideas through the use of 3D technology.
  • The results are fast. It’s far quicker to get a full render of 3D graphics over the old method of getting a complete floor map of a home, which was hand-drawing the entire thing.

Do I really need a 3D modeling company?

Technically, you can make changes on your own and do home-rennovation projects without the help of 3D architectural visualization but we recommend against it. It takes far more time to do it yourself, there will be more inaccuracies and it’s not a proficient way of doing things. Time is valuable and if you want to save time, a complete 3D render will allow you to do that.


No matter where you live or what your project is, you should highly consider the help of 3D architecture software to ensure you have a smooth project, whether you’re changing up the interior, doing some DIY renovation or even if you’re just trying to get a full scope of the living quarters down to a precise measurement. From animations, to floor plans to complete 3D walkthroughs, everything is possible with 3D design.