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Photomontage 3D Visualisation

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Photomontage VisualisationPhotomontage Visualisation
Photomontage 3D VisualisationPhotomontage 3D Visualisation
Photomontage 3D VisualisationPhotomontage 3D Visualisation
Photomontage 3D VisualisationPhotomontage 3D Visualisation
Photomontage 3D VisualisationPhotomontage 3D Visualisation
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Photomontage 3d VisualisationPhotomontage 3d Visualisation


2-7 days + render

Photomontage 3D Visualisation is more complex to produce, compared with standard Exterior Visualisation, as render has to be produced on photo background, no need to model surrounding environment

new house view, made on existing photo background (landscape, street). Exterior renovation projects

Corrections included: x 2

Price and time dependant on:
complexity of the scene
amount of information you provide
the need of travel to take high quality pictures ourselves
quality of the given picture

1 x view finished High quality picture of your scene on photo background you require
Suitable for print and web

N/A (as background picture isn`t in 3D. So, in case if extra view needed – this stage of the project would have to be done again).

Photomontage 3d Visualisation

Photomontage 3D Visualisation

A 3D photo montage is a merge of a real photo with the realistic model of the building to make a more lifelike image. The results can transform a house into looking like it’s brand new and ready for move in. When you’re on the street and you see a worn-down house with trash all over the yard and a roof that’s caving in, imagine a beautifully painted home that looks like it’s been built brand-new. That’s the kind of montage 3D imagery we can give you.

What Are the Benefits of a 3D Photomontage?

🏡 You can get an idea of what a renovated interior design will look like with a complete interior photomontage 3D render. You can remove all of the unwanted elements and get a close up look of what a finished project will look like before you even start.

🏠 For those looking for an exterior photomontage 3D render, you can get an idea of what a completely renovated home will look like from the outside. You can examine the property around it and if it’ll be worth the cost investment to you, before you start spending money.

🏘 You can leave the surrounding environment just as it is, as there’s no reason to render anything other directly than the project that you’ll be working on.


If you’re looking to buy a brand-new home and you want to start a renovation project, don’t jump into it blindly, only to realize later that it was a huge mistake or the wrong neighborhood. Try to get an idea first-hand of what your completed project will look like by contacting us and getting a quote on your photomontage 3D render today. We’ve completed numerous montages for a wide variety of clientele.