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Average Timeframe for Images


2-7 days

Renders and time:
1) GreyMat: max 1 hr

2) Standard render: 2-24hrs
(depending from required resolution and materials the time will vary. Standard resolution is 2k)

3) VR Panorama: 2 days +
(separate option used for Static 360 views)

Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) is the application of computer graphics to create or contribute to images in art, printed media, video games, films, television programs, shorts, commercials, videos and simulators. The visual scenes may be dynamic or static and may be 2D, though the term “CGI” is most commonly used to refer to 3D computer graphics used for creating scenes or special effects in films and television.

CGI rendering is a process of generating a model or scene with a use of specialist computer software (like 3Ds Max, Maya, Cinema4D (C4D) or Blender). It is created using a variety of 3-dimensional objects (every one of them has its own data structure, which includes Textures, Viewpoints, Geometry, Shading and Lighting properties.

The benefits of CGI render over the traditional flat drawings or even painting is that you can change relevant areas, such as textures, lighting or a weather condition to match to the Clients’ requirements. This give Clients piece of mind that everything is thought about and discussed, as well as giving them the “end picture” of how a model or scene will look like when completed.

First (over the phone or through our Live Chat) we will discuss with you exactly what you’re looking for and how we can help you. The more information on areas such as room dimensions, floor plans, design styles, layouts, colours, textures and materials – the better. Based on that information we`ll give you a quote.

The timeframe will depend on the of size and complexity of work you are looking for. We are highly motivated to complete work as quick as possible, however, Clients have to take into account that only rendering itself (for example for the still HIGH quality picture), takes up to 24hrs, and animation, even longer. Time to complete a 3D project consists of: Geometry modelling + texturing + test rendering + final rendering process. In total, depending on complexity and amount of details provided, the whole process can take from 1 day to several weeks.

Stages to produce 3D Visualisation

Stage 1 – Modelling

After we`ve received the Client’s requirements, we would start to create a 3-dimensional model (scene). It will include all objects in the scene supposed to show up in the final image.

In that stage we consult with Client, regarding changes he/she will wish to make.

Stage 2 – Texturing

At this stage we begin to texturize our model. We apply colors, shaders, and textures according to the Client’s needs.

In that stage we consult with Client, regarding changes he/she will wish to make.

Stage 3 – Pre-Render

At this stage, everything is set up (model, texture and lighting), so we present low-quality images for the Client, so he could see approximately how the final render will look like. The only difference between pre-render and final render is the size and quality (therefore, pre-renders are made much more quickly). Usually, pre-render is fully enough to make final changes before final render. We`ll seek the Client’s approval to start the Final Render process.

In that stage we consult with the Client, regarding changes (color, texture and lighting) he/she will wish to make.

Stage 4 – Final Render

When the Client approves the Pre-Render we will start the full render of scene. Image rendering can take up to 24 hours, depending on the number of objects, desired resolution, shaders and lighting effects used. Please be aware, that animation renders can take up to a few weeks depending on the length required. When Final Render is complete we pass it to the Client to impress and appreciate new technologies possibilities!

3D software:

Unreal Engine 4 (UE4)
3Ds Max (Vray, Corona etc.)
Cinema 4D
Substance Painter
Autodesk MudBox
Marvelous Designer
Lumion 6, 8


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator

Composing software:

Fusion 360
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere Pro

1. Client is giving us a Sketch or a Drawing with sizes and description

2. Then our 3D Visualisators working on it

Using CGI (3Ds Max, Maya, C4D or Blender) software, for producing graphics design and rendering

3. And Vu`a la ! Your 3D Visualisation is ready !

We like to keep our Clients happy !

You can see some of our works on Our Works page.